Baptist Spirituality, founded in 2006, is a community of writers, artists, pastors, speakers, preachers, and prophets who care deeply about the things of God, the journey of faith, and the exhortation of the spirit.


One thought on “Contributors

  1. I’m young christian,who is faithful,caring and loving.i’m a founder of the exodus youth for christ,this group tries to offer love to young christians,have been looking for church that can help show love to others the God did through his son jesus christ,us young christians we are challenged by different issues in life,that sometimes we look for love from others who can support and show us the way of truth.Actually i do pastrol to my fellow youths,and one day a youth asked me Donald why do we suffer much and where is this love of the world as compaired to that love jesus showed us that love your neighbour as yourself,i got mute and could say anything,and give it a thought of caring to one another to show love,cause if God didn’t care for us he couldn’t offer us love through jesus,therefore if this love that his shown here the baptist trinity can be shared,then the hope of a living christian can be encouraged in any part of the world,jesus choused his disciple and when he departed he said to them go and share the good news and the love have sharing with you,brethren share this love with us and let praise God together the way its done in the Baptist trinity church.

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